Elevate Your Legs to New Heights: Exploring Leg Lift Surgery Options

Elevate Your Legs to New Heights Exploring Leg Lift Surgery Options

Since the inner parts of their legs have a very thin skin structure, it is quite normal for sagging to occur over time. Thanks to leg lift surgery, the leg area is thinned and it is aimed to eliminate sagging and fluctuations.

Causes such as rapid weight loss in the body, pregnancy, advancing age can cause deterioration. These deteriorations are the result of changes in the structures, shapes and sequences of collagen and aesthetic fibers in the body. These distortions can of course also be seen in the legs. The skin on the insides of the upper legs is quite thin. For this reason, it is more affected by deterioration.

Sagging and loosening can be seen in the thigh areas in places. Leg lift surgery aims to correct the deterioration that occurs in the inner parts of the upper leg, that is, in the thighs. The main purpose of the operation is not to thin the entire territory.

The operation also aims to remove the excess skin on the thighs and the fluctuations in the area. In addition, with this operation, fat removal and regional thinning style aesthetic procedures can also be applied. In addition, according to the patient’s demand, tummy tuck surgery can be performed together with this operation.

Leg Lift Surgery

Why is Leg Lift Surgery Performed?

Sagging of the legs gives an aesthetically negative appearance. In addition, deformations may occur in the skin due to friction during walking. These disturbing situations also reduce the comfort of life considerably. Surgery can be performed to restore comfort in the leg area and to achieve aesthetic appearance.

Leg Lift Surgery Methods

Many factors can cause deformity in the upper legs. Lubrication can also be observed during the examination. Some conditions in the legs where fat formation occurs can also be solved by laser procedure. In these cases, there is no need for leg lift operation.

However, if the sagging and deformation are much more dominant and pronounced, the operation can be performed after the diagnosis of a surgeon. Leg lift surgery can be applied because deformation can be seen at an early age in the legs of individuals who have a skin style that tends to deteriorate or who gain and lose weight frequently.

Leg lift operation is generally common in individuals who are forty years of age and older. In relation to age, the rate of deterioration in the skin becomes evident and gives a negative image in terms of aesthetics.

Leg Lift Surgery Methods

Questions to Be Asked Before Surgery

Before the examination and diagnosis stages, the patient’s questioning of water questions by himself will provide convenience to both doctor of Clinic care center and the patient during and after the operation.

  • Why do I want to perform a leg lift operation?
  • Do I really need leg lift surgery?
  • Is there a need for other aesthetic operations?
  • Are incision scars a problem for me?
  • Is the quality of my skin suitable for this surgery?

Questioning these and some other basic questions allows to act consciously and to reach the goal in an aesthetic sense.

After Leg Lift Surgery

If the following points are taken care of after the leg lift surgery, the healing process will be much more comfortable and faster, and the patient will reach the result he expects from the operation. The points to be considered after the surgery are:

  • The first three weeks should be rested, plenty of rest should be taken. Normal life can be returned to one and a half months at the earliest.
  • At least the first two days after the operation, there should be a bandage over the stitches and the necessary dressings should be made.
  • Exposure to the sun should be as little as possible.
  • Sports should not be done for the first three weeks.
  • In the first days after the operation, the legs should be kept above the level of the heart.
  • Cotton underwear should be worn for the first month, corset-like products should never be used.

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