Combatting Obesity Impact on Military Service Eligibility and Health

Combatting Obesity Impact on Military Service Eligibility and Health

Obestiy and military service is an important issue.  As Clinic Care Center, we attach importance to your VKI value in your obesity surgery processes.

Obesity is an issue that should be evaluated separately during military service. It will be useful to make an evaluation according to the exemption and the recovery status of the patients. It is known that patients with obesity surgery are generally exempted.

Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy  and Military Service

Does Obesity Prevent Military Service?

There are details that people who have gastric sleeve surgery to go to military service should consider about exemption. Generally, gastric sleeve is an obstacle for military service. Legally, in terms of physical competence, these patients will be prevented from risky situations in military service.

Obesity patients should apply to hospitals with their reports and get a report from the committee. The results of the exemption of the military candidates who make the applications will give results close to each other in every patient.

In applications, soldiers are required to obtain information from the hospital where they underwent surgery to obtain an exemption report.

BMI Value in Military Service Applications

Body Mass Index can be an important factor preventing military service. In our Clinic Care Center, you can benefit from sleeve gastrectomy surgeries to reduce these values. Our specialist doctors who offer quality health and medical services provide expertise for permanent results.

BMI value can prevent being a soldier. An evaluation is made according to the height and weight ratios of the people. For the BMI value, clarity is gained in the process after one year, and the presence of a situation that prevents people who lose weight during this period from becoming a soldier is checked.

The exemption status for candidates over a certain weight has similar features in the military and police. Gastric sleeve gastric sleeve military service may be a separate evaluation. During the one-year postponement process, a person who has undergone sleeve gastrectomy will not be accepted for military service despite weight loss. Because there are some health-related criteria and risky situations are taken into consideration.

Military Service for Obestiy Survivors

Some candidates can apply for military service without any weight problem after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery a few years ago. In this case, it cannot be clearly conveyed what kind of evaluation will be made. The current health status of the person and the institutional officials in the application, etc. will decide by looking at the legal situations.

Why are Hospital Committee Decisions Important?

The decision of the hospital committee is related to the health status of the people who will apply for military service. When there is no health problem in military recruitment, your process will proceed smoothly. In other words, the status of your gastric sleeve surgery in the military application can be shaped according to the hospital decision and your statements.

Fast Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

Those who have had gastric sleeve surgery often have the power to make the process better. When your stomach shrinks, your desire to eat decreases, but there is also a possibility that you will return to your old self after the hospitalization process. There are some things to be considered in order to finalize the hospital process for military service positively:

  • The prescribed diet must be followed. Especially during the first 6 months, you should leave your normal eating habits behind.
  • While losing weight, you should keep your muscles active and try to minimize sagging. You can do active workouts starting from the second year.
  • Stomach reduction surgery should not cause depressions in your mental state. People with serious psychological disorders are also not enlisted in the army.  You should not hesitate to seek psychological support and try to overcome your childhood traumas.
  • People who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy should have adopted a new way of life. Especially preparing themselves according to the conditions in military service can improve their chances. The better your physical and mental strength, the more hope you will have in the hospital evaluation despite the surgery.

The time since the surgery and your current condition may determine the evaluations at the hospital. It is also advisable to follow updates on gastric sleeve surgery

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