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Pegasus launches flights to Greek islands

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According to recent news, Pegasus Airlines is planning to launch direct flights to several Greek islands this summer. The airline will reportedly offer flights from Istanbul and Izmir to the popular tourist destinations of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete.

This move comes as Greece prepares to open its doors to international tourists once again, following a year of restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. With its beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant nightlife, Greece has long been a favorite vacation spot for travelers from around the world.

Pegasus Airlines, which is based in Turkey, is one of the country’s largest airlines and operates flights to numerous destinations throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. By adding these new routes to its portfolio, the airline is looking to capitalize on the pent-up demand for travel and tap into the growing popularity of Greek island vacations.

The new flights are scheduled to begin operating in June and will continue through the summer months. Travelers can expect affordable fares, convenient schedules, and top-notch service from Pegasus Airlines, making it easier than ever to explore the beauty and charm of the Greek islands.

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