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New iPhone, new charger: Apple complies with EU rules

Apple has confirmed that it will switch to USB-C chargers for its iPhones in Europe, complying with new rules from the European Union. The change will take effect in autumn 2024, giving Apple two years to make the transition.

The EU rules, which were approved in October 2022, require all electronic devices sold in the bloc to use USB-C chargers. The goal of the rules is to reduce electronic waste and make it easier for consumers to use the same charger for multiple devices.

Apple has been using its own proprietary Lightning connector for iPhones since 2012. The company has argued that the Lightning connector is more durable and efficient than USB-C. However, the EU regulators have said that the benefits of USB-C outweigh the drawbacks.

The switch to USB-C chargers is likely to affect millions of Apple users in Europe. However, it is not clear how Apple will implement the change. The company could start shipping iPhones with USB-C chargers in Europe, or it could offer adapters so that users can continue to use their Lightning cables.

Apple is not the only company that will be affected by the EU rules. Other smartphone makers, such as Samsung and Huawei, also use their own proprietary chargers. These companies will also need to switch to USB-C chargers if they want to sell their products in Europe.

The EU rules are a significant victory for consumer advocates. They have been campaigning for years for a single charger standard. The rules are also a setback for Apple, which has been reluctant to give up its proprietary connector.

The switch to USB-C chargers is likely to have a ripple effect around the world. Other countries and regions may follow the EU’s lead and adopt similar rules. This could eventually lead to a single charger standard for all electronic devices.

The change to USB-C chargers is a positive development for consumers. It will make it easier for people to charge their devices, and it will help to reduce electronic waste. However, it is important to note that the change will not happen overnight. It will take some time for Apple and other companies to make the transition.

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