Teenager blows £33k on booze and lives in a garage

A teenager who blew a £33,000 inheritance in a year now lives in a garage.

Jasmine Astin squandered the cash she received on her 18th birthday on booze and loans.
Now she is 19 — penniless and homeless. She fell out with her family over her drink problem and sleeps on a camp bed in a rubbish-strewn garage behind an empty house where her late grandmother lived. There is no heating, lighting or running water.
Jasmine’s dad died when she was 11 and left her £50,000. She cannot have the £17,000 balance until she is 21.
Her plight was revealed when she appeared in court for scratching a car. Her solicitor Andrew Church-Taylor told magistrates in Blackburn, Lancs: “Hers is a tragic tale.
“The money has gone. She was buying drinks and lending people money which, needless to say, has not been repaid. It has left her with a significant alcohol problem.”
Probation worker Helen Maden called Jasmine “needy and vulnerable”. She added: “She has gone off the rails and found false friends.”
Jasmine, of Baxenden, Accrington, admitted criminal damage and threatening behaviour. She was given an 18-month supervision order and banned from contacting the man whose car she scratched.
Source: Thesun.co.uk

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